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Remark of examination scripts

The Remark of Script process can only be requested for final written examinations.

Do not delay your enrolment while awaiting the result of a remark. If there is a change to your grade, the remark fee will be refunded and you may need to amend your enrolment.

Do not apply if there was no final exam.

Applications must be received within four weeks of the notification of your official results of examinations; applications may only be made for the courses for which the results relate to.

Your remark outcome will normally be sent to you in approximately six weeks from receipt of application.


Please refer to the Fees Page for details of fees. This fee will be refunded if there is a change of grade.

Remark regulations

Remarks shall cover a careful remarking of the final exam script by the examiner followed by a recalculation of the final grade where appropriate. No information from candidates shall be placed before the examiners.

Note: As a result of a remark, the final grade could remain unchanged, or be amended upwards or downwards.

Request remarking of exam scripts

To request a remark of your exam script please log into your student homepage and click the Results and exams tab.