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Certificate in Financial Advice


  • Level

  • Undergraduate, NZQF Level 5
  • Distance learning

  • Available
  • Credits

  • 60
  • Duration

  • 10 weeks of full-time study Available part-time.
  • International

  • Available for international students studying in NZ

The Massey University Certificate in Financial Advice is delivered in conjunction with Kaplan Professional, Australia’s leading and largest provider of financial services education. It combines introductory specialist knowledge with financial advice skills to prepare you for entry into the financial advice industry.

In addition to the core subject, Introduction to Financial Advice, you can choose to focus on a particular knowledge area by tailoring your study to specialise in a specific area of interest, or to align with your career aspirations. You can choose from four (4) areas of focus:

  • Investment
  • Life, disability and health insurance
  • General insurance
  • Residential property lending

You must complete a total of 60 credits in order to successfully meet the completion requirements of this programme.

Start dates

This qualification can be started in January, April, June, August, October or December.

All the courses in this certificate are offered six times in 2022.  Please refer to Entry Requirements for the final dates to enrol for each intake.

Please note, that if you enrol into a course early, you will get access to the Kaplan Professional course internet page up to eight weeks prior to the official start date for that offering. This will allow you to do your pre-reading and start preparing for your assessments.


The Certificate in Financial Advice consists of two courses worth 30 credits each. The duration of each 30 credit course is 10 weeks. If you choose to study full-time you can complete the certificate in 10 weeks by studying two courses at the same time. If you choose to study part-time, will have up to 12 months from your initial enrolment date to complete the certificate but the assessment for each course will be completed within the specified 10 week period for that course.

Entry requirements

Programme admission


There are no specific entry requirements for this programme, outside of university admission regulations.  

Start dates 2022

  • 31 January – Semester one early compressed (Apply now for this start date)
  • 4 April – Semester one mid compressed (Apply now for this start date) 
  • 6 June – Semester two early compressed (Apply now for this start date)
  • 8 August – Semester two mid compressed (Apply now for this start date)
  • 10 October – Summer School early compressed (Apply now for this start date)
  • 12 December – Summer School late compressed (Apply now for this start date)

English language requirements

To study this programme you must meet Massey University's English language standards.

Prior learning, credit and exemptions

For information on prior learning, exemptions and transfer of credit or other questions:

Courses and planning

Credit summary

Certificate in Financial Advice

60 credits

  • Compulsory course – 30 credits
  • Course from the Schedule – 30 credits

Courses for this programme

Schedule for the Certificate in Financial Advice

Compulsory course

30 credits
125179 Introduction to Financial Advice 30

30 credits from

125143 Essentials of Investment Advice 30
125155 Essentials of Insurance Advice - Life, Disability, and Health 30
125156 Essentials of Insurance Advice - General 30
125163 Essentials of Residential Property Lending Advice 30

Planning your programme

Planning overview

If you study full-time you will take two 30-credit courses at the same time.

If you study part-time you will have 12 months in which to complete the certificate but the study and assessment for each course must be completed within the specified 10 week period.

For example, if you take the first course (125179) starting in April, you will complete it in 10 weeks. Then, if you take the second course starting in December, you will complete that course in 10 weeks. This ensures that you complete two courses for the certificate within the 12 month time limit.

It is important for you to access your Stream link in your student portal prior to the start date to finalise your enrolment.

Early access to your study material and learning resources is available from 8 weeks prior to the intake start date. You will be able to view your assessments from 4 weeks prior to the intake start date.

Your study material is hosted in KapLearn, a leading online learning management system.

Each time you need to access KapLearn, you must be logged into your Massey University student portal. You can then log into KapLearn via your Stream link. 

You are strongly encouraged to log into your KapLearn subject room at your earliest convenience.

Fees and scholarships

Fees and finance

The Certificate in Financial Advice is not eligible for Fees Free study. Visit the StudyLink website to check availability and find out more.

The total fee for the Certificate in Financial Advice is $1,800. This includes a one-year tailored subscription to Ontrack and the short courses within the platform.

Additional elective subjects (specialisations) can be added for $900 each.

In addition, there will also be some compulsory non-tuition fees/levies for some courses, and there may be charges for things such as study resources, software, trips and contact workshops.

Key information for students

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Scholarships and awards

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